After forcing a Virginia punt

There are many reasons. Haven't you ever met people who simply refuse to believe the truth no matter how plain it is? And there are simply people who haven't heard the truth. There are others who have heard it but haven't understood it. "I feel he's an ascending coach within the profession and he certainly has the leadership qualities that you look for in a head coach candidate," said Jacksonville general manager Gene Smith. "He's very passionate in his approach and respectfully demanding of details, but yet he's fair in how he handles his players. I think he's a people person who connects well with his staff and players and they know he cares.''.

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If you must do something, consider pulling weeds hey, the spring equinox just rolled around with little fanfare or listening to a whole album, from start to finish, with your eyes closed. There are plenty of Memphis musicians who could use the streaming numbers right now. JD.

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