And I'm just like, "Ohmigosh

Never ceases to amaze me how they just gut something out and find a way to get it done, Jersey Shore coach Darrin Bischof said afterward. Really proud of them because we could have folded when they took the lead and we didn and that just a testament to who they are. Jersey Shore made rapid improvement, winning six more games, and took off down the season stretch, upsetting District 4 Class A champion North Penn Mansfield on its home court late in the year..

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SwampSat II is a technology demonstration mission to test a boom and antenna spooling and deployment mechanism to support a matched very low frequency (VLF, 3 30 kHz) antenna receiver pair. It will experimentally quantify VLF electromagnetic wave propagation through the lower ionosphere in order to clarify the role of VLF whistler mode waves in controlling the energetic particle populations of the Earth radiation belts. SwampSat II is funded by NASA's Undergraduate Student Instrument Project..

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