Anzac wreath vandalism outrages rslg

Anzac wreath vandalism outrages rslg


A ragged Australian Army band took a violent hand in Australia's Remembrance day by vandalising the national flag in a bid to show support for fallen soldiers.

Waving a yellow Star of David on Saturday's Remembrance Day parade, the band members wore Nazi uniform and fought with a large flag pole.

One of the band members then smashed the flagpole at approximat중국 마사지ely 5:45am, smashing it in the process and flying the flag into the air and onto the parade route.

The incident happened near the end of the parade and the flag of France was displayed in the air before the sun rose.

Police said three people were arrested, but no charges had been laid after a hearing in the Brisbane Magistrates Court.

A lawyer for one of the band members was presen이천출장마사지t but was asked not to comment.

The incident comes just months after two me아산출장샵mbers of a band named by police as being involved in several racist attacks in the state have been fined hundreds of dollars in fines for offensive language and racist chants, although no charges were laid.

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