At the April 24 Congressional Oversight hearing

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wholesale nfl jerseys Teachers are supposed to juggle with real and remote teaching.Secondary school children are not due back until May 25.Unions have criticised the decision to reopen the schools calling it "premature" and pointing out that the government overruled its scientific committee's advice to keep them shut until September, like the UK."Why have we started with the youngest children to end the lockdown when we know they'll be the hardest ones to make apply protective measures?" said Francette Popineau, chief of the primary school union, on FranceInfo radio.Parents have mixed feelings.A pupil wearing a facemask attends a class at the private school Institut Sainte Genevieve in Paris AFPBruno Timsit, 41, is keeping his three children away from nursery, primary and secondary school for now."It wasn't an easy decision but we decided there is no rush. We weren't sure how schools were going to cope and were a bit worried about the kids contaminating each other and us," he said."I also with the idea of leaving it to parents to decide whether to take risk of sending they kids back to school. The government should have taken responsibility and either called everyone back or no."However, Tarek Elachkar, 45, said he "decided to trust the official guidelines" wholesale nfl jerseys.