But let's hope this is a wakeup call to all of

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It still has to be proved beyond a doubt that the white possum is extinct, and that too, as a result of global warming. But let's hope this is a wakeup call to all of mankind. If the steady rise in temperatures hasn't claimed its first victim yet, scientists fear it soon will.

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They welcomed me to sit beside the girls the whole day if I wished. As the girls grew and improved, they encouraged our care of them more and more. I am certain that my husband and I would not have been as confident in our care of our twins were it not for the support of these ladies!.

A story of compassion out of the Emergency Department involved the death of a 2 year old. "The little girl drowned, and despite our heroic efforts, there was just nothing we could do. The emergency room was really busy that day, every room was full and we had people in the waiting room, but I remember coming into the room, wrapping the little girl in a warm blanket and putting her in her mother's arms.

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