Cannabis equipment ban under consideration

Cannabis equipment ban under consideration. A report from the Government on the Government of the Western Cape. South African Government. December 9, 2014.

The Minister of Justice on the South African National Assembly.

On 16 December 2014 the Minister of Justice issued an interim report to Parliament.

The Government of the Western Cape has asked the Constitutional Court to order an investigation into the South로투스 홀짝 African Police Board's report on the investigation, findings of the Independent Commission on the Police. The report has been put to a vote by the citizens of Western Cape, which will be taken up on 31 December, 2015 at the 1-day Central Cape Town Parliamentary Town Meeting.

On 19 December 2014 the Minister of Justice announced that the South African Police Board will conduct a report to Parliament on the investigation and findings of the Independent Commission. The report will then be discussed in Parliament. Parliament, not the Federal Atto영천출장마사지 영천출장샵rney General's Department, will make recommendations for changes to the Police Act. The Committee on Security will also take part in the discussions.

The South African Government will also ensure that the matter is investigated in an impartial and fair manner. This report has been considered by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice, which is appointed under the provisions of the Constitutional Reform Act and shall be in force 충주출장안마for two years from its publication.

The Minister has also advised South Africa that they will request the United Nations Human Rights Committee to conduct an independent investigation into the matter. The Minister has made these comments at a press conference on 21 January 2015, at 11am.

Government of the Western Cape.

On 21 December 2014, the Legislative Council adopted a resolution to put a final decision to the Committee on Security for what they call a security and public order emergency by putting it to a vote. The Council voted by a 2-2 majority to put the matter to a vote.

On 27 December 2014, a joint statement of the Government and the ANC, which supports the Security and Public Order Emergency, was released: