Disability services strike continues despite talks over wages

Disability services strike continues despite talks over wages

After nearly eight hours of negotiations, staff and representatives for disability activists held up the second day of talks in central Barcelona today, holding up a sign with the words, "Workers strike!" at the top readi예스카지노ng, and shouting: "We are tired! We are hungry!"

The strike – which lasted nearly eight hours, with the strike-breaking picket lines being extended on each other at various locations – came after two days of negotiations between the Spanish government and the Generalitat of Catalonia and the unions representing the local workers.

The negotiations have drawn a line under a two-week period that lasted on Friday through today a카지노 사이트nd were widely blamed on the Spanish government, which is demanding cuts of 20.5%. But, despite the government's repeated claims to the contrary, many workers say they feel trapped and lack jobs to help them find work in sectors including tourism, health and education, or, increasingly, industry.

'We cannot accept any cuts in services'

At the Catalan public sector employers' meeting in the city centre at around midnight, a demonstration, which was also held by activists from dis바카라사이트ability organisations, continued to demonstrate in favour of the strike even after organisers of the second phase had made their demand clear.

"We are not tired! We are hungry! What are we going to do if they don't give us a fair deal?" said Alvaro García-Pelé.

Activists have organised at five branches of five companies – G3.com, CCS, Telefonica and Telefonica.com – in Barcelona, from which their messages have been transmitted to the public, via a phone line, which they set up in the port city.

Alvaro García-Pelé holds up a sign with the words, 'Workers strike!' during a demonstration in the city centre, in Barcelona, on 1 July 2015.

Garth de Vries/REX/Shutterstock

At some branches, they have used the pickets to broadcast the call to members: "Do your job. Come out of your office with your colleagues and we will join the demonstration here. Bring the sign. We cannot accept any cuts in services!"

The first phase of the strike has been put off at least until Saturday, with pickets being allowed to be established from the first of September at certain locations. The next phase will begin on Thursday but, as yet, they have not been permitted to take part i