Endotoxin was positively associated with NTX in both groups

Serum endotoxin was significantly and positively associated with calcium in all subject and controls. Endotoxin was positively associated with NTX in both groups but not with osteocalcin, PTH or 25 OH vitamin D. Findings of the present study implicate a role for endotoxin mediated inflammation in patients with osteoporosis..

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In any relation a place can influence and constrain. It can function as an agent just as powerfully as a human being can. 'A place' can be of any scale. If the further assumption is made that this final state interaction can be 'factored' from the rest of the amplitude, then an I = 0, S wave pion pion phase shift with a negative scattering length and which turns up through zero is found to reproduce quite well the pion production differential cross section data. It is also shown from this model that almost any low energy pion pion interaction could be compatible with the low energy total production cross sections. Corroboration for this type of phase shift is sought in the pion nucleon partial wave 'discrepancy' analysis.

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2256KbAbstractLaboratory scale trials on anaerobic digestion of Laminaria digitata were undertaken in batch mode. Sludge from a working digester was used as inoculum. Macroalgae was digested individually and co digested with creamery waste or sewage sludge pellets.

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