Feeling a guy speed and power is just a different

The first time Sid saw me, he said, "Look, your footwork is horrible." I had never cared and knew nothing about my footwork; I just got it done on the field. But Sid was the first coach to tell me that my footwork decided how I would play. If Sid could get a hold of most of today's quarterbacks, he would say the same thing: "Your footwork is horrible.".

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Thankfully, the technology exists to do my own show just the way I wanted, so I do. Has long produced annual music of the year compilations posted online that are phenomenal in both content and curation. He brings that same level of meticulous expertise to the Infidels, often focussing in on a specific topic.

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I don think it anything deeper than that, other than you get lucky once in awhile. Said no, it not lucky or fortune telling, a testament to a lifetime of being in a film room. During a CBS conference call earlier in the week, he said he called Romo sort of sick, film room guru from your playing days.

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