' he says to a forlorn Marin and her friend

While issuing the revised SOP, Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla said for running 'Shramik' special trains, permission will be given by the Ministry of Railways (MOR) in consultation with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).Officials explained that the MOR will ensure more halts of the special trains for the convenience of migrant workers.The SOP said the train schedule, protocols for entry and movement of passengers, services to be provided in coaches, and arrangements with states and UTs for booking of tickets shall be publicised by the MOR.Sending states and UTs, and the MOR will ensure that passengers are compulsorily screened, and only asymptomatic passengers are allowed to board the trains, it said.During boarding and travel, all passengers will have to observe social distancing.On their arrival, passengers will have to adhere to health protocols prescribed by the destination state or UT, the SOP said.In a separate communication to states, the union home ministry asked states and the UTs to operate more 'Shramik' special trains in close coordination with the Railways and said special attention should be given to women, children and the elderly.In his communication to state governments and UT administrations, the Union Home Secretary Bhalla said fear of COVID 19 infection and apprehension of loss of livelihood are the main driving factors for the movement of stranded workers to their homes. "In order to mitigate the distress of migrant workers, I would be grateful if the following measures could be implemented," he said in the letter issued on Monday.The home secretary suggested that more special trains should be arranged through proactive coordination between states and the MOR. He also said arrangement of places to rest, taking into account requirement of sanitation, food and health, should be made.

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