He transformed Local 299 into a regional powerhouse

Pre split, the musicians were plagued by rumors of infidelity (most often on Shelton's behalf). Post split, Lambert was accused of hooking up with singer Chris Young. Neither ex has commented on the alleged affair since announcing their decision to divorce, but Young denied any such thing in an Instagram post Tuesday.

Trump, who called protesters in Minneapolis drew another warning from Twitter for his rhetoric, saying it violated the platform rules about violence. Today and took responsibility for evacuating the precinct, saying it had become too dangerous for officers there. Then he added: is a lot of pain and anger right now in our city.

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And we begin this hour with the latest from Japan. Last week's earthquake, and the resulting tsunami, are now believed to have killed at least 10,000 people, though we're many weeks away from an official toll. Crews on the northeastern coast of Japan are culling through the wreckage, searching for signs of life and gathering the dead.

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Flop Watch. Now we know the next football player Taylor Kitsch can play onscreen: former NFL MVP Drew Brees. Once a small screen football icon, Kitsch has helmed some big time flops since his playing days on Friday Night Lights, and the big story of week two's NFL action was the John Carter/Battleship of a season that Drew Brees and the Saints may be having..

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