I just thankful to be able to see them (tonight)

My heart and prayers goes out to the victims and there families Also every employee at Miller Brewery company as well as the city of Milwaukee. This has been so sad and heartbreaking for everyone. May god be with us all. But after the state order, a trickle of recovering COVID 19 patients from local hospitals turned into a flood of 58 people.More walls were put up, but other residents nonetheless began falling sick and dying. In the end, 47 Gurwin residents died of confirmed or suspected COVID 19.The state order "put https://www.cheapjerseysaa.com staff and residents at great risk," CEO Stuart Almer said. "We can't draw a straight line from bringing in someone positive to someone catching the disease, but we're talking about elderly, fragile and vulnerable residents."The Society for Post Acute and Long Term Care Medicine, known as AMDA, had warned from the beginning that Cuomo's order admitting infected patients posed a "clear and present danger" to nursing home residents.

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