In addition to Torres, Chelsea have also signed

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Cheap Jerseys china After being confined to the house for seven days, I went for my first gentle walk. It was effortless, and the sun was shining. I extended it a little further than I had intended, a total of 2 miles. The signing of Fernando Torres has brought the perennial debate (big money signings versus home grown talent) raging to the fore again. In addition to Torres, Chelsea have also signed Brazilian David Luiz from Benfica for just over 20 million pounds: a sum that would have seemed more significant had not Torres, admittedly one of the best strikers in the world if not the best striker in the world rather eclipsed him. Luiz is another name for the Chelsea memorabilia collector: but the existence of the names of these two high cost players on the items of sports memorabilia associated with the club raise some questions about the effect that big money signings have on the British game.. Cheap Jerseys china

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