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Well, he may have come from a big Southern family himself, but he represented something else."Richard opened the door. Barnum in Charles White's 1984 biography "The Life and Times of Little Richard.""When I first went on the road, there were many segregated audiences. With Richard, although they still had the audiences segregated in the building, they were there TOGETHER.

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These disorders and the resulting sleep deprivation interfere with work, driving, and social activities. The most common sleep disorders include insomnia, sleep apnea, daytime sleepiness, restless legs syndrome, and narcolepsy.Sleep Disorders Getting Quality SleepHow Much Sleep Do We Need?InsomniaSleep ApneaRestless Legs SyndromeNarcolepsyHypersomnolence (hypersomnia) SymptomsCircadian Rhythm Sleep DisorderREM Sleep Behavior DisorderTips for a Good Night SleepTips for a Satisfying SleepTips for Getting to Sleep And Staying AsleepA Guide to Sleeping BetterThe Importance of REM Sleep DreamingJoin our online Sleep Support GroupWhat Does Sleep Do For Us?Although researchers are still trying to learn exactly why people need sleep, animal studies show that sleep is necessary for survival. For example, while rats normally live for two to three years, those deprived of REM sleep survive only about 5 weeks on average, and rats deprived of all sleep stages live only about 3 weeks.