Iran threatens aust gas exports to china analyst

Iran threatens aust gas exports to china analyst

An unidentified source close to the Israeli defence establishment told R카지노 사이트euters on Monday Israel has no intention of selling Saudi Aramco crude to China unless Beijing stops selling its own reserves at a pace of around 7-8 million ton우리카지노nes a year.

The source said the Chinese had threatened to withhold energy supplies from the kingdom if the supply were cut for long, pointing to a recent decision by the Chinese to halt production of crude from its Shandong province.

"There's no doubt we can supply Saudi Arabia with the minimum in terms of the amount of energy reserves," the source told Reuter바카라사이트s, referring to the Saudi Arabia reserves.

Saudi Arabia has previously said it will continue to supply Saudi Arabia with a sufficient amount of crude oil if its exports are banned by the Islamic kingdom, a move backed up by China.

Saudi Aramco, a state-run joint venture between Saudi Aramco and Russia, has a total of 8.1 million barrels of crude oil reserves.

The Saudi Arabia reserves are "exceedingly large" for the time being, the source said.

China, a major energy consumer of the Middle East, has said it will continue to supply Saudi Arabia with natural gas, but it is not certain the Saudi regime would provide support in cutting the supply of oil for it.

China has an increasingly significant influence in the Middle East and is seen as more interested in dealing with the regional crisis than OPEC.

Saudi Arabia's foreign minister, Saud al-Faisal, has recently criticized his country's energy minister for saying the supply of gas to Iran from the kingdom was still possible, and suggested an increase in its energy exports might not work for at least a decade.

A source in the ministry said the minister's comments were not aimed at Riyadh but at Faisal "which is making a great mistake by saying that gas is going to be available in some years".

China, a major user of the Middle East's energy resources, last year helped pump a record 5.36 million cubic metres of natural gas from the Gulf of Mexico. China is planning to increase its gas supplies by 20 percent this year.

The Saudi-Chinese pipeline, part of a regional infrastructure project to increase gas supplies and cut dependence on oil and natural gas, will bypass Iraq and Syria, both of which have been in Syria's civil war since 2011.

Israel has long been a long-term supplier of oil to Saudi Arabia. During the Arab spring, it was able t