More than 50 killed in pakistan mosque blast

More than 50 killed in pakistan mosque blast

IS/AQ: Two Afghan special forces killed in attack by Taliban

Attack on mosque in Pashtun Balochistan province kills at least 21

Death toll rises to 15 in Kabul attacks on Afghan police

Trial to begin for Afghan journalist

IS kills 1,000 people in Syria in seven months

Militants reportedly kill 13 women and children in Afghan capital

Kabul kills at least 33 Afghan soldiers in suicide attack

UN: US troops to stay in Afghanistan

Kabul: Taliban raid targeted convoy of UN troops

Militants kill at least 12 soldiers and two civilians near Pashtun border

The Taliban claim responsibility for killing 14 Afghan soldiers in Kabul

US has begun deployment of extra forces in Afghanistan as part of plan to reduce violence in the country

Militants kill eight Afghan soldiers in suicide attack

A suicide bomber attacks a checkpoint in the town of Baghlan on Afghan border

An IS suicide at가평안마안마tacker strikes an Afghan police station in the district of Nangarhar, northern Afghanistan

IS/AQ strike kills 17 policemen in Nangarhar

TALAKA: Suicide car bomber kills 13, injures 22

Militants kill 16 in suicide attack in northern Pakistan

Death toll in Afghan attack on UN convoy near Paktika checkpoint rises to 35

US: Three more Americans killed in drone strike

SITE Intelligence Group says US drone strikes in Afghanistan have killed 10, including five Taliban

Taliban claimed responsibility for blast near Paktika town

Kabul says it "has killed more than 1,000 troops and police" in Afghan operation to cle퍼스트 카지노ar the Baghlan and Chaman districts in the northern part of Baghlan province

Militants attacked an Afghan police station in Kunduz district, killing four police officers

U.S. and NATO military training mission set to start this week

Militants on one side try to kill army guards in a village in Baluchistan province

Taliban attack on Afghan police kills seven

Shooting at police station in Wardak province kills 9

Shooting at Afghan police Station in Wardak province kills 2

Shooting at a police station in the southern province of Wardak kills 3

Militants killed nine guards in a 진주출장샵militant attack near Kabul

A suicide bomber explodes outside an Afghan police station and kills 9

A truck bomb attacks a checkpoin