Never more so than in mob families

How could our great, great, great grandparents go for tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of generations not thinking, not making, not even imagining a wheel? Wheels appear extremely recently around 3500 BC when people were already counting, writing, farming. Wheels, he thinks, are surprisingly unintuitive. No doubt great grandpa knew that circular things roll, but to get from rolling spheres to wheels, that's wholesale jerseys a tricky, subtle, business..

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India announces major easing of coronavirus lockdownIndia said Saturday it would begin a major relaxation of the world biggest coronavirus lockdown from early June, even as the country saw another record rise in confirmed infections. Prime Minister Narenda Modi conceded that much of the country had since "undergone tremendous suffering" in an open letter to the public on Saturday. The total death toll since the outbreak came to light on Feb.

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