Paramedic alarm over emergency call system, which has been reported in many UK emergency calls

Paramedic alarm over emergency call system, which has been reported in many UK emergency calls

Emergency services at Manchester Airport were put on high alert after a series of alarm calls were received on Monday

Emergency services were called to an incident at Manchester Airport after the call rang out to their automated system.

A spokesman for Manchester Airport said: 'After receiving an alarm call from the emergency services, we immediately responded to the airport, i로투스 홀짝n conjunction with our fire service and Police Scotland.

'A full assessment is underway and we understand that it could be reported as an incident. We are aware of some issues that have been reported with our system but have advised that there may be other issues which need여성 마사지 to be addressed before further action can be taken. We take all calls extremely seriously.'

The first alarm from the call went out at 09.50, with emergency services at around 10.40 - an hour and a half after its original call-out.

Police said on Monday there is 'no evidence of an active terrorist threat' at the airport - prompting passengers to be warned to be vigilant.

A spokesman added: 'We are urging anyone with concerns about their own personal security or any concerns for other passengers to contact their local police or airport emergency services.

'If the call was placed by a colleague, or you have seen anyone behaving suspiciously outside their room, please call the police.'

In total, the calls are said to have been received by three emergency services organisations at the airport - Greater Manchester Airport, Manchester Metropolitan Ambulance Service, and Royal Manchester Police.

All calls were made by passengers who were not identified, while two emergency officers were working to treat an incident at Newcastle upon Tyne Airport.

Manchester's Met Police said they responded 'from the Manchester West and South East Ambulance Service'.

The Metropolitan Police Service of England and Wales said, in a statement, that their 'priority call on the incident had been the incident of a young female with a serious suspected stab wound. She is in Manchester General Infirmary with a cut wound to the arm that is believed to have been sustained in the incident.

MSP for Greater Manchester Andy Burnham said: 'What makes this one particularly worrying is that I have not heard anyone suggesting that these calls were related to terrorism or that this had any connection to terrorist attack.'

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police confirmed they have been called to the incident, as a로투스 홀짝 second female victim with suspected stab wounds was treated.