Police search for window smashing vandal

Police search for window smashing vandal

A window, window screen and a glass door were smashed overnight at the nearby Kildare Street station.

A post on Facebook said that the vandalism was the result of a racial incident against a person of a different ethnicity.

Another said that the window was broken around 10.45pm and that police had been 더킹카지노called in.

It was not clear if either of these rumours were correct.

Mr 예스카지노MacIntosh, from Rathkeale, Dublin 2, has lived in Dublin for 30 years.

"This is the kind of raci카지노 사이트st hate crime that you have to come up with at some point," he said.

"I know that it has been going on at the train station, but it seems to have got out of hand yesterday."

In March 2011, another similar incident took place at Rathkeale railway station, when a group of white youths vandalised the same station.

One of the injured in that incident was a schoolboy in his fourth year of secondary school, who was knocked unconscious when the windows on the platform were smashed.