Second sewage spill keeps beaches closed for three days due to rising river levels

Second sewage spill keeps beaches closed for three days due to rising river levels

Thousands of people living on beaches in Bali have been told to stay indoors by officials as dangerous tides continue to surge and levels rise.

Up to 150 people took to the streets of Bali on Sunday to express concern after the rising river levels in the area forced them to stay indoors for three days.

Ahead of Sunday's high tide, thousands of people in town were warned to stay inside as high tides kept rising and river levels fell overnight.

Aerial view showing beaches damaged by rising water in Bali. An Indonesian army helicopter took over the task for a week

Local officials said more than 100,000 cubic met우리카지노res of sewage was released by the seawater in the past week in the area which lies under the Indian Ocean.

Local media reports the high tide had risen by more than half a m더킹카지노etre.

But the Indonesian military flew low over the area to prevent more sewage from flooding.

'We have to protect the people', said the commander of Bali's emergency management department, Maj Gen Suwantur Sukumaran.

Bali's deputy emergency management chief, Maj Gen Kamranah Ali, said the government was planning to open up beaches and take out rubbish to reduce the risk of further sewage leaks.

The government added: 'The government is currently in the process of taking out the large amounts of land which has become very polluted from land-based waste and will do so as soon as possible.'

Maj Gen Sukumaran said the army's task force for Bali was making its presence known, using helicopter and aircraft to monitor the situation.

More than 15,000 kilometres of beaches were closed due to the high tide in Bali as officials warned locals to stay inside

Some of the coastal areas that have been affected by the floods in Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia's popular holiday resort is a popular place to stay during the rainy season, while in the Pacific Ocean some coastal communities are among the hardest hit

He said the army had been providing protection to the community in the past few days, and added: 'We are always on hand and there will be more patrols during the next couple of days.'

'We want to stop this disaster that is destroying the country.

'Our priority is to take action to put an end to these floods,' Maj Gen Sukumaran add바카라사이트ed.

The government said up to 150 people were injure