Soft cheese contamination under investigation in Quebec

Soft cheese contamination under investigation in Quebec

(04/09/2017) CTV News has learned that three people are dead after a sewage sp더킹카지노ill in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, caused by the contamin우리카지노ation of cheese sold at a Quebec-wide event that left an Ontario man dead.

Celeste de Vérité, a Montreal-based journalist at La Presse newspaper who has covered food contamination cases for years, says she started getting frantic calls in April from people desperate for information after hearing about a Quebec-wide contamination case.

She's speaking with CTV News this week about the tragedy at Sénée-Moncton that has left a 32-year-old man dead, including the Quebec man who attended his funeral.

Two months earlier

According to the Health Canada database, there were 13 public-health incidents reported around the world related to contaminated food in 2016 (the latest number from the agency is not available). Of the incidents, two of them involved the consumption of contaminated cheese in Quebec but there are other cases, including one in France where a man's throat was infected when he was eating the contaminated bread, a practice that is now banned by the federal government.

Celeste de Vérité reports the tainted milk product came from a company in Quebec and is not identified until the food arrives in a grocery store or pharmacy.

Two days earlier, there was another incident in northern Italy, this time involving a man who claimed his entire stomach burst into pieces when he ate his cheese.

In both cases, it is unclear when or how these incidents could have caused the deaths. CTV's The World's Food reported that all of the incidents were reported between Oct. 6 and Oct. 14, 2016.

"I got an call late in April from a woman in Montréal who wanted to go get some cheese, but didn't know where, because it was a public event. When she arrived at the store she saw that some products had contaminated with salmonella," said CTV's director of news opera우리카지노tions Jon Langsdon, who has been following the investigation in Lac-Mégantic.

Bourche-Chermelin cheese has long been seen as the culprit by the public as the cheese that the popular restaurant chef Paul Bourdain's famous Bourdain's Kitchen in New York was famously made with, but in fact, it is just one product produced by another company. It's been suspected by several experts, including