Start looms for hardwood chip facility in West Orange

Start looms for hardwood chip facility in West Orange

MAY 11, 2014 – NEW ORLEANS (Feb. 28, 2014) – The Orange County Board of Supervisors on Wednesday unanimously approved a contract with Woodwood Technologies for the construction of a 1,000 square-foot, 80,000-square-foot, 3.9-million-square-foot chip plant that will produce high-grade silicon chips on the West End.

Woodwood CEO and founder of Microchip Technologies33 카지노 Jeff Osterman said the Woodwood facility will provide the company with superior production capabilities for its highly profitable product line, a highly valuable commodity at approximately $6.50 per kilowatt hour (kWh).

"With the arrival of this new microchip plant, we will create tens of thousands of jobs across West Orange County with high-quality product, while giving the industry its best opportunity to recover from this economic downturn," Osterman said. "To the credit of all involved, we have been prepared to move forward with this ambitious project and have met with many of our key community partners to understand their concerns regarding their future economic growth efforts."

OCB staff reviewed options for future construction plans. The board passe평택출장샵d the final construction permit for the 1,000-square-foot, 80,000-square-foot, 3.9-million-square-foot, Woodwood microchip plant with no objections.

The construction contract also includes plans to hire 400 local construction workers, and the facility also will be home to an 80,000-square-foot, 2.6-million-square-foot, 1.75-million-square-foot office and manufacturing center.

"Woodwood wants to play by the same regulations as our major customers and to comply with existing building codes," said OCB Chairman, Vice Chairman and Mayor, Dr. Jeffrey S. Debs. "We applaud this initiative from this community's businesses, their employees and the community at large. We're now going to work together to keep businesses in Orange County healthy, to provide these jobs a place to thrive and to continue to grow."

OCB staff also considered possible construction sites but voted to include the new facility in the South Orange-Cleveland line, which includes all of Orange County's major shopping centers, among other Orange County's leading entertainment, hospitality, retail and business locations.

The contract als양산안마o requires Woodwood to contribute approximately $1.5 million toward the construction of an Orange County Park.