The agency would also like to remind visitors to

"I wanted to help create a show that looked and felt very different from traditional specials. Something that spoke to kids in a different way. These kids worked so hard to graduate and what is happening to them is truly unfair," James said in a statement to The Associated Press.

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"While we continue our efforts to address the needs of the community as we wage this battle against this dangerous virus, we seek to also give fans the type of solace that baseball so often provides," said PawSox president Dr. Charles Steinberg. "For the young, and particularly for the young at heart, we hope that this live version of an imaginary game brings smiles, connection, and a reminder of our faith in the resumption of our normal lives..

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Allow for proper social distancing, sites will operate at reduced capacity. Touchable exhibit components will remain closed, and site tours may be limited for visitor and staff safety. The agency would also like to remind visitors to follow the CDC recommendations on social distancing and personal hygiene while visiting state historic sites..

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