The breeding programs are a good back up system if

Time is not yet up for the Tasmanian devil; this multi pronged approach may well yield results, though of course it too early to say. The breeding programs are a good back up system if the vaccine approach fails. But even if it succeeds, the long term survival of the species can only be reasonably guaranteed with an expanded genetic diversity..

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They hate swimming. Is an assistant editor on the Code Switch team, where she edits the blog and newsletter, runs the social media accounts, and leads audience engagement. Before coming to NPR in 2020, Escobar was an assistant editor and editorial fellow at The Atlantic, where she covered family life and education.

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Two years ago the Nevada Wolf Pack hyped its 2018 home football schedule as the best in school history. Nobody is calling the 2020 home schedule the best in school history. This year's home schedule will bring UC Davis, UTEP, San Diego State, Fresno State, Utah State and Wyoming to Mackay Stadium.

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