The FCC or the Federal Communications Commission of

In April, Arkansas Peace and Justice Memorial Movement hosted a screening of "True Conviction" and the Arkansas Minority Film Arts Association screened "Meet the Patels." May's screenings include "For Sama," hosted by the Arkansas Cinema Society on May 3; "Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World," hosted by Just Communities of Arkansas on May 10; "Music in Arkansas: Origins," hosted by Arkansas PBS (formerly AETN) on May 17; and "College Behind Bars," hosted by Washitaw Foothills Youth Media Arts Literacy Collective in two parts on May 24 and May 31. "There is something about the experience of 'going to the movies' that allows us to experience and be open to perspectives other than our own," APJMM co convener Kwami Abdul Bey said. Each Sunday.

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