The show will air in the early evening from Monday

Ziering credits the movie's success to the fact that it delivers exactly what it promises. "It's a campy, cheesy science fiction movie, and it's wildly absurd. It's a huge impossibility: Mother Nature says this could never happen! But with a little bit of popcorn and some friends, you're able to suspend disbelief and enjoy the movie.

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Well, whilst Cnn have Piers Morgan's smug face to wince at now, King will now be making a return elsewhere, with news that the veteran will be hosting a 30 minute entertainment and news show called 'Larry King Now'. The show will air in the early evening from Monday to Thursday on the video web site Hulu and the opening list of guests is a mighty one indeed. 'Family Guy' and 'Ted' creator Seth Macfarlane joined King for the show's debut last night, whilst Meghan MCCain appears tonight and Matthew Mcconaughey is the guest for tomorrow night.

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5th October 2012Fact: Actor Matthew Modine will head the jury for the upcoming 2012 Rome Film Festival to determine the winner of the Best Debut or Second Film Award. The five person panel also includes Italian actress Stefania Rocca and director Laura Amelia Guzman. The event kicks off on 9 November (12)..

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