Today, there is only one bar and restaurant in town

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wholesale jerseys So the place never really took off.Today, there is only one bar and restaurant in town and, for reasons too tedious to go into, I found myself in there last wholesale nfl jerseys Sunday when the Super Bowl was on.The real fun, of course, was not to be found in watching the game.The game, after all, seems to be about nine hours of adverts with men in plastic armour playing rugby badly in between them, and with a bit of crap music which always goes wrong stuck in the middle. (And it always seems to go wrong despite the fact that they've been doing it every bloody year since time began.)Read MoreHilarious video shows American Super Bowl fans struggling to read out everyday Scottish tweetsBut the Yanks love it. They go absolutely crazy in a way that is almost impossible for us to comprehend. wholesale jerseys

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