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What might have delayed him? Running back Devonta Freeman, who was in position to pick up the blitz and had a clear shot at Hightower, but opted to let him go free and make himself available as a receiver. If Freeman just puts a shoulder into wholesale nfl jerseys from china Hightower, the Falcons might be champs now.MORE: Super Bowl 51, as it unfolded3. After New England inevitably drove for the touchdown and two point conversion that made it 28 20 the Falcons defense actually did nicely to require that drive last nearly 2 1/2minutes the Patriots lined up to kick off.

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Or maybe you luddite, you are reading this as a print out that your technologically savvy friend gave you in an attempt to convince you of the joys of technology and the so called "Interwebz."What is it that makes us "so Berkeley?" A lot of things. But stereotypes often stem from reality, so we have compiled a list of things that non UC Berkeley kids didn't get and that maybe even we didn't get before we ourselves became "so Berkeley."As you and your friends from home depart to your respective colleges to take the next step in your lives cliche, we know, but just work with us here you might find it hard to keep in contact with them. Here are some tips to avoid looking quite so much like a freshman.

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