Wife of glen turner says he was treated feral pig by farmer, dog at zoo

Wife of glen turner says he was treated feral pig by farmer, dog at zoo

A woman who owned a 우리카지노farm that ran a wild pig program says her husband did not try to control it after it showed signs of distress.

It was all too common, says Elizabeth Smith, the daughter of Glenn Turner, a former state agriculture commissioner.

Smith says her father was a regular, if not abusive, presence in the farm where pigs were raised.

But she says she knows that Turner and several other employees who worked there did not intervene because they had been trained to take care of wild pigs on their own.

When she brought her father into the farm to work, she says, he put her on a leash but allowed우리카지노 her to go. But she says she was kept tied.

She says her father threatened to kick her if she tried to leave him behind.

Smith also claims Turner once forced her father to have sex with a dog when she was 14 years old.

"He is the guy who keeps me from doing this," she says, "because if I wasn't working on his farm, he would be able to get rid of me."

Smith says she has tried to bring the story up with the state, but none has worked.

Turner's attorney, John Taylor, says the couple's relationship is well-documented and he is not aware of any abuse.

While no one involved in the farm is willing to speak on camera, one says all the information abou카지노 사이트t what went on at the farm is classified as confidential.

When asked whether or not this story would ever have aired if the Turner farm was open to the public, an investigator says, "Our focus at that time is on the public safety of our citizens and no one is willing to speak on camera. There are other people that have had allegations raised. And so we've just gone straight through that and are dealing with that."

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