Wilcannia locals worried weir wont happen after election promise

Wilcannia locals worried weir wont happen after election promise

Mulligan said he told the mayor about a "huge risk" if something happened to the lake, but he told him he wanted him to tell the public if the threat of the leak persisted.

"I don't want to hear that one's getting in your way, just because you're going to ask for a change," he told me.

"Do you honestly believe you don't know what's in that little river?"

The city plans to study and document whether the water is leaking, and, if so, will keep a watch on it.

I called the city and spoke to one of the people who found it in his pocket.

She told me she thought there was some kind of leak and was worried, but worried enough that she couldn't call 911.

The city's engineering department also looked at the water and said, with reasonable certainty, the water was safe for drinking.

"Th오바마카지노ere is probably going to be a small amount of contamination," said Ken Lomax, the city's director of emergency services. "It looks like there was some kind of leak in the pipe."

The city has already begun a "bulk test," to test for various bacteria or heavy metals, Lomax said.

That's a long way off; the water is already tested every two to three days. And I heard there are some big problems, such as whether the city can properly treat it or how long it can sustain that level of activity.

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